Why choose Strategic Alliance Solutions Group (SAS)?

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Costs of payroll, training and managing personnel internally have increased dramatically over the years. Fluctuating volumes of transactions and inconsistent personnel needs have often been extremely difficult to adjust while maintaining the proper degree of quality and timeliness. For most companies administration and clerical work is a burden that requires maintenance that distracts from the corporate core specialties. Outsourcing these necessary but cumbersome activities allows companies to focus their internal talent toward their true skills, while spending less time on routine or nonessential personnel management. Outsourcing also allows the demand for a higher quality of reporting and efficiency at a lower overall cost. The accuracy and timeliness of financial information is essential in identifying and guiding management objectives.

  • We have invested and trained our personnel in a variety of accounting software that will suit complex reporting needs.
  • We have trained CPA’s in house to prepare and review your financial statements.
  • We will provide only experiences operators to discuss and implement your companies’ request.
  • Reducing the cost to process accounts payable invoices by 50% or more per invoice with no capital investment.
  • Enabling customers to centralize their accounts payable function.
  • We continually use the latest security procedures, devices and software available.
  • We have passed stringent government tests requiring strict and secure facilities and documentation control.
  • Our software offers drinll down reporting to easily and effectively determine the source materials generating fluctuations.
  • Our team is constantly motivated to improve on our methods and our bottom line which flows directly to our customers.
  • We invest our time and ideas into the success of our clients in order to promote our field of back office support.
  • We encourage our clients to maintain control and understanding of their resources as well as our functions to facilitate a seamless transition in and out of our services.
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